Considering the Fragments.

I've had it up to my eyeballs in telling stories. So i don't think i will relay the last few weeks in a series of longwinded stories. Instead, i'm throwing out the fragments that i'm taking the most time to consider in my head lately:

  • finding a place at Bloom to serve(children's ministry) and lead(house church outreach)
  • growing Roots in Wonder
  • thankful for new friends
  • ....new boy
  • hating juice
  • gearing up to cook again
  • buying a Canon from a friend really soon!
  • wanting financial stability.
  • wishing i spent more time in the mountains
  • Mixtape Menagerie's first new fall mix is excellent. go download it for free - http://mixtapemenagerie.wordpress.com/2010/10/18/happy-birthday-to-the-menagerie-fall-mix-volume-2/
  • fall is officially here- i need winter gear
  • Jesus is only good all the time.


Roots in Wonder Flickr up!...and Rock Climbing excitement.

OK! Roots in Wonder now has a Flickr site while we get professional help on our Etsy store and blog.

CHECK OUT OUR AWESOME CREATIONS: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rootsinwonder/

The photostream includes the journals that i have made so far, as well as my aunts BEAUTIFUL handspun art yarn and some of her knitted masterpieces. If you would like ANY of this, please contact me at earthtex@gmail.com and we will hook you up! Holidays are just around the corner. We love custom orders!

On a personal note, day 10 of the juice feast has come to a close. 20 more days to go. On day 4, i experienced the absolute sickest 24 hours of my life...i don't know how much that it saying because i never get sick. but it scared me half to death. come to find out, the first 10 days are when your body releases lots of pent up toxins and traumatic events like day 4 are common. great to know- after the fact.
THEN the next day, while i was attempting to recover from a body singed by the throes of death, my tear ducts got quite the extensive workout. my emotional barriers decided it was a beautiful day for a break down and my wits decided they weren't so much "about me".
BUT, after those 2 difficult days, i've had a wonderful week! super strong and super energized.
tomorrow, i take my first bookbinding class to learn a new bookbinding technique, AND i'm going to the REI garage sale to buy some rock climbing shoes! so stoked! then, sunday, i'm taking a two hour intro climbing course at Rock'n and Jam'n gym, and then that night is church! i have a feeling that this weekend is going to be really rad.
so, be looking for some uploads of some new journals on our FLICKR site and order one!


just finished the third journal. AKA, Leslie's order is finished! i promise, the next time i post, it will be of pictures.


paper and phone lines.

Well, i woke up early and tried to leave the house fast this morning so that i could yell-sing "Happy Birthday" to my sister this morning (she turns 14 today) but i totally forgot it's an hour later there. She had already left for school. FAIL. So i'm sitting at Two Rivers Coffee in Arvada (their cafe latte is ALMOST up to parr with Buon Giorno, which is quite an accomplishment, i have found) contemplating my to-do list today. That is an issue, I have noticed. I "contemplate" what i need to do so long that i end up burning valuable productivity time by worrying over what needs to be done instead of just taking a crack at it. I really think that defines quite a huge chunk of my time constraints and frustrations with myself at the end of the day. It feels good to acknowledge the root of the problem.
So i'm going home, writing letters, shipping orders, making journals, and scheduling craft fair gigs. I'm going to get it all done. I will be Princess Productivity today.
Going to a friend's(?...we worked at the same camp and grew closer online in the years after..friend? loose term, i suppose)show tonight at the Breckenridge Brewery in downtown Denver tonight. Pretty awesome since he's a Dallas friend. Familiarity right now is gold because SO much is still foreign.
In other news, it looks like my aunt and I have settled on a name for our fiber shop: Roots in Wonder. An Etsy shop SHOULD be up pretty soon with pictures of a few of our recent creations. We're also building a building a beautiful blog so stay tuned for goodness!
Ok, seriously. I'm going home and making a dent in my second batch of materials.



More journal orders and shipping finished products! Here is the first one.

Going to talk to a woman about watching her baby one day a week.

Homeschooling the kids today- math and science.

Ready to get crackin' with a new order that came in! We'll have an Etsy account up soon!


it's chilly up here.

I am learning to take joy in my simple life instead of constantly meet it's sparse agenda with worry and disapproval. Thanks, in part, to my new friend Lauren for that. and thanks even more to Jesus for speaking peace over me and covering me with encouragement. You are good.
Since my last post, I have made a pile of materials turn into a journal! So excited. I am customizing it today for my beautiful, sweet friend Elle Jay. I hope that she likes it. She is our first customer after all.
If you would like a journal for yourself or for a gift for a friend(the holidays are coming in a couple months!), please email me at earthtex@gmail.com with your preferences and i would be happy to custom make one for you. ALSO, the other half of the business is fiber art. So if you would like to pre-order a scarf or hat or other winter accessory, PLEASE email me so that we can get that going for you.

In other news:

I am taking the chillins to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science today which i am totally stoked about. to me, it sounds exponentially cooler than the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History...

I went to the Jason Reeves concert last night and since I've already explained most everything that went down on my Tumblr(ontherockies.tumblr.com), I will just say that it was an overwhelmingly beautiful and lucky opportunity and the greatest concert i've been to in a while.

Off to put my sister's birthday package in the mail.


Rolling Ball.

Hanging out with the chillins (my 4 sweet little cousins that i live with) while the rents have some date time.
Today has been extra refreshing as a "swap" was proposed and some plans were made.

I will now be homeschooling the kids three afternoons a week. I am so looking forward to the chance to mix lights with them. I think it will be beautiful. They are all yearning lovers and such advancing minds.

Aunt Ashley and I are also starting our small business endeavor which includes fiber art and hand made journals. I am so incredibly stoked about this. Art shows, etsy shops, and business blogs oh my!
Taking a trip into Denver tomorrow to check out the Denver Bookbinding Company for some materials that i will need to start crankin out cuties. Pretty excited about it. Also, super stoked on learning the ins and outs of fiber art. It'll probably take quite a while but i bet i'll have scarves down by the time it gets cold!